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The PRIMOS DPS SCOUTING CAMERA REALTREE/Turkey Tracker is great for seeing where Deer or turkey are entering and exiting fields and open woods. The PRIMOS DPS SCOUTING CAMERA REALTREE/Turkey Tracker is a wide angle, time lapse scouting camera that provides you with all day constant surveillance from over 200+ yards away.

The PRIMOS DPS SCOUTING CAMERA REALTREE/Turkey Tracker supports a memory card up to 32GB for up to a couple weeks (up to 105,000 photos) of constant surveillance and operates on 4 or 8 AA batteries. By providing constant surveillance (no motion required), it will record the entire day’s activity automatically taking photos in either 5 or 10 second intervals to reveal all activity.

This Product it the same as the Primos Truth DPS System 63070, only marketed differently and camo colors are different.

At-A Glance™ Photo Viewing Software is included free ($29.99 value) so that you can review an entire day’s worth of photos (up to 7,500 photos) in a short movie-like video in under 3 minutes. You can PLAY slower slide-shows or fast forward to view up to 1,500 photos per minute on any PC or MAC. At-A Glance™ software works with ALL game cameras and it allows you to combine and organize all your hunting photos together in one place! The software allows you to be able to zoom up close all the way to the other side of the field! Bottom line, At-A Glance™ is the easiest way to view game photos; and it even allows you to instantly share with friends by e-mail or online with popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

• Constant day light surveillance is perfect for learning turkey patterns
• LCD screen for easy custom settings adjustment
• Rugged Case, Small Size

• Color: Realtree Camo
• Battery Life: 100,000 Photos
• Capture Modes: Time Lapse
• Mega Pixels: 1.3
• Anti-Blur Technology: No
• Warranty: 1 Year

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