RCBS 338 Federal Full Length Die Set

Product Number: RC17301
Item Price: $39.49
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 1.37 lbs.

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The Full Length Sizer Die has an expander-decapping unit to remove the spent primer while expanding the case mouth. Vent holes prevent case damage caused by trapped air or excessive lubricant. The Seater Die includes a bullet seater plug and built-in roll or taper crimp as appropriate for the particular cartridge.

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  Product Title In Stock Pricing
RC16601 .338 LAPUA FULL LENGTH DIE SET In Stock   $39.49
RC24104 RCBS 458 Lott Steel 3 Die Set In Stock   $52.99
RC56014 17 JAVELINA FL DIE SET Out   $105.46
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RC24904 RCBS 505 Gibbs Full Length Die Set In Stock   $229.99
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RC21304 RCBS 50-95 Win Express Steel 3 Die Set In Stock   $58.49
RC18010 RCBS 30 Carbine Full length 3 Die Set In Stock   $52.99
RC56302 30-284 WINCHESTER Out   $118.15
RC56188 RCBS 6.5MM X 65 R DIE SET Out   $125.39
RC27901 RCBS 6.5mm x 68S Full Length Die Set Out   $70.49
RC56650 RCBS 7.5 Swiss Ordinance 3-Die Steel Set In Stock   $170.96
RC56272 7.62MM RUSSIA NAGANT 3-DIE STEEL In Stock   $150.75
RC56275 RCBS 7.63 Steyr Mann. Steel 3-Die Set In Stock   $110.76
RC56386 RCBS 8.15x46R Full Length Die Set Out   $143.95
RC56445 9.3MMX64 BRENNEKE F L DIE SET Out   $129.95
RC56448 RCBS 9.5x57 Full Length Die Set Out   $143.95
RC56825 DIE SET 6MM NORMA BR In Stock   $126.03
RC56343 RCBS 7.92x33 Kurts Full Length Die Set Out   $117.96
RC16201 RCBS 17 Fireball Full Length Die Set In Stock   $39.49
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RC26801 RCBS 375 Ruger Full Length Die Set In Stock   $39.49
RC21801 F L DIE SET 17 HORNET In Stock   $70.49

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