Remington 410 ga 2 1/2" 1/2oz #9 Premier STS Target 25/box

Product Number: RT20750
Item Price: $14.99 $12.99
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Shipping Weight: 1.31 lbs.

The Remington Premier STS line of target loads brings shot-to-shot performance and consistency to an entirely new level. These shells have set a new standard for trap, skeet, and sporting clay shooters all while delivering unparalleled hull longevity and ease of reloading. What more is there?

In addition to this impressive combination of features, the Remington Premier STS line of target loads are some of the most consistent and reliable target loads on the market. Why settle for sub-par performance or pay exorbitant prices if you don't have to? Remington Premier STS target loads are economical and high-quality.

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