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Remington is excited to announce the development and availability of a 12.0 density steel shot alloy known as Hevi-Shot. Hevi-Shot is a tungsten-nickel steel non-toxic shot designed expressly for ultra long-range turkey, varmint, duck and goose shooting. Hevi-Shot, with a density of 12.0 vs 7.8 of normal steel shot, will open up a new era of performance with radically enhanced long range energy for special requirement's long range gunning. Hevi-Shot will reload and shoot very similarly to New Generation Steel.

Also, Hevi-Shot pattern's and shooting characteristics, should be very similar to normal high velocity steel, similar to normal high velocity steel, therefore hunters won't have to analyze their gunning techniques when switching back and forth from Steel to Hevi-Shot. Hevi-Shot simply will retain its speed further than 7.8 steel because of its enhanced density. Hevi-Shot will give new possibilities to the gunner when wind is a consideration or when game is well beyond normal range.

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