Sierra .243/6mm 100 gr Pro-Hunter SPT 100/box

Product Number: SI1540
Item Price: $22.49
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Shipping Weight: 1.67 lbs.

100 gr. SPT

As with other Sierra manufactured bullets, Sierra Pro-Hunter Rifle Bullets come in various calibers, diameters, and grains. Unique to these bullets is the traditional flat base design that skillfully balances the accuracy known by competitive shooters from around the globe. This particular bullet has a custom tapered jacket that ensures maximum expansion as well as optimum weight retention.

Another popular feature of these bullets is the deep penetration. This capability produces the clean, one-shot kill that is so vital to responsible and seasoned game hunters. Regardless of the option chosen, all Sierra bullets are made from quality materials and workmanship.

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  Product Title In Stock Pricing
SI1560 Sierra .243/6mm 100 gr GameKing SBT 100/box Out   $24.99
SI1570 Sierra .243/6mm 107 gr MatchKing HPBT 100/box In Stock   $31.49
SI1570C Sierra .243/6mm 107 gr MatchKing HPBT 500/box Out   $153.49
SI1570M Sierra .243/6mm 107 gr Moly MatchKing HPBT 500/box Out   $182.49
SI1502M Sierra 243 Cal. (.243/6mm Dia.) 55 gr Moly BlitzKing 500/box In Stock   $158.99
SI1502 Sierra 22 Cal. (.243/6mm Dia.) 55 gr BlitzKing 100/box Out   $26.49
SI1502C Sierra (.243/6mm Dia.) 55 gr BlitzKing 500/box Out   $132.49
SI1500 Sierra (.243/6mm) 60 gr Varminter HP 100/box In Stock   $21.49
SI1507 Sierra .243/6MM Dia. (.243/6mm Dia.)70 gr BlitzKing 100/box Out   $26.99
SI1507C Sierra .243/6mm 70 gr BlitzKing 500/box Out   $133.99
SI1507M Sierra 6mm (.243/6mm Dia.) 70 gr Moly BlitzKing 500/box Out   $159.99
SI1505C Sierra 243 Cal. (.243/6mm Dia.) 70 gr MatchKing HPBT 500/box Out   $125.49
SI1505 Sierra 243 Cal. (.243/6mm Dia.) 70 gr MatchKing HPBT 100/box Out   $25.49
SI1505M Sierra 243 Cal (.243/6mm Dia.) 70 gr Moly MatchKing HPBT 500/box Out   $152.99
SI1510 Sierra 6mm (.243/6mm Dia.) 75 gr Varminter HP 100/box Out   $21.99
SI1515 Sierra 6mm (.243/6mm Dia.) 80 gr Varminter┬« 100/box In Stock   $21.99
SI1530 Sierra .243/6mm 85 gr GameKing HPBT 100/box Out   $24.99
SI1520 Sierra 6mm (.243/6mm Dia.) 85 gr Varminter SBT Blitz 100/box In Stock   $22.49
SI1535 Sierra 6mm (.243/6mm Dia.) 90 gr GameKing FMJBT 100/box Out   $23.49
SI1537 Sierra 6mm (.243/6mm Dia.) 95 gr MatchKing HPBT 100/box Out   $29.49
SI1537C Sierra 6mm (.243/6mm Dia.) 95 gr MatchKing HPBT 500/box Out   $143.49

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