Sierra .284/7mm 160 gr GameKing SBT 100/box

Product Number: SI1920
Item Price: $31.99
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 2.66 lbs.

160 gr. SBT

Sierra GameKing Rifle Bullets are sold for use with .22, .30, .243, .264, .284, .270, .284, .338, and other calibers and comes in various grains and diameters. The bullets are affordably priced and tougher than the 165 Spitzer. Designed for seasoned hunters who need an extra margin of performance at long range, these bullets boast a boat tail design that creates a distinct advantage.

The bullet was designed after the MatchKing 168 grain, known as being exceptional. Based on features and construction, this bullet has the capability of penetrating deep while producing outstanding expansion when hunting medium game.

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SI1915C Sierra .284/7mm 150 gr MatchKing HPBT 500/box In Stock   $171.99
SI1895 Sierra .284/7mm 100 gr Varminter HP 100/box In Stock   $24.99
SI1903 Sierra .284/7mm 130 gr MatchKing HPBT 100/box In Stock   $34.49
SI1903C Sierra .284/7mm 130 gr MatchKing HPBT 500/box In Stock   $171.99
SI1905 Sierra .284/7mm 140 gr GameKing SBT 100/box In Stock   $30.49
SI1913 Sierra .284/7mm 150 gr GameKing SBT 100/box In Stock   $31.49
SI1925 Sierra .284/7mm 160 gr GameKing HPBT 100/box In Stock   $31.99

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