Sierra .355/9mm 125 gr Tournament Master FMJ 100/box

Product Number: SI8120
Item Price: $19.99
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Shipping Weight: 2.09 lbs.

125 gr. FMJ

Among the line of Sierra Tournament Master Handgun Bullets is a long list of options, including 9mm .355 diameter 95, 115, and 125 grain; .38 caliber .357 diameter 170 and 180 grain; 44 caliber .4295 diameter 220 and 250 grain; and .45 caliber .4515 diameter 185, 200, and 230 grain.

For years, Sierra has been linked to accuracy and superior ballistic performance. When in tournaments, these bullets provide an advantage over most competitive brands. When involved with competitive shooting, accuracy is critical to winning or losing. These bullets provide outstanding performance that shooters around the world depend on.

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SI8125 Sierra .355/9mm 125 gr Sports Master 125 gr JHP 100/box In Stock   $20.99
SI8115 Sierra .355/9mm 115 gr Tournament Master FMJ 100/box In Stock   $18.99
SI8110 Sierra .355/9mm 115 gr Sports Master JHP 100/box In Stock   $18.99
SI8100 Sierra .355/9mm 90 gr Sports Master JHP 100/box In Stock   $17.99

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