Sierra .338 300 gr MatchKing HPBT 500/box

Product Number: SI9300
Item Price: $326.99
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Shipping Weight: 24.81 lbs.

For .22, .30, .243, .264, .338, as well as other calibers, Sierra MatchKing Long Range Specialty Bullets are a preferred choice. These specialty bullets are designed for extreme medium to long-range shooting. The bullets have ultra-thin jackets and are held to exacting tolerances specific to weight and diameter.

The design of these bullets also includes a hollow point boat tail with a small meplat that produces unrivaled ballistic coefficient. Because these bullets are so accurate, they are used by competitive shooters around the world. The .30 caliber MatchKing was first developed in the 1950s and remains highly popular.

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SI2610 Sierra .338 215 gr GameKing SBT 50/box In Stock   $23.49
SI2650 Sierra .338 250 gr MatchKing HPBT 50/box In Stock   $34.49
SI2600 Sierra .338 250 gr GameKing SBT 50/box In Stock   $24.49
SI2650C Sierra .338 250 gr MatchKing HPBT 500/box In Stock   $315.49

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