Winchester .22 LR 36gr Copper-Plated HP 525/Box

Product Number: WN22LR525HP
Item Price: $34.99
Availability: Currently Out of Stock, click the alert icon Request Availability Notice to be notified when product is available.
Shipping Weight: 4.18 lbs.

• Caliber: .22 Long Rifle
• Grain: 36gr
• Bullet: Lubaloy® Copper-Plated Hollow Point
• Muzzle Velocity: 1280 fps
• 525 Rounds per Box

Due to limited supplies, and high demand this item has a 2 piece maximum order quantity per customer, every 1 day.

Winchester .22 LR Bulk Pack Rimfire Ammunition offers the standard Winchester rimfire ammo, but in a bulk package for affordability. The bullets themselves have been copper plated to reduce the chances of them fouling.

All of the cartridges in these bulk packs are .22 long rifle ones with 36-grain weight, perfect for target practice, small game, varmints, or plinking. Depending on the package you select, you can get 222, 333, or 555 rounds, any of which would be an affordable option.

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  Product Title In Stock Pricing
WN22LR333HP Winchester .22 LR 36gr Copper-Plated HP 333/Box Out   $20.99
WNS17HMR1LF Winchester® Varmint LF .17HMR 15.5gr NTX 50/Box Out   $13.29
MultiBox: 10/$12.79  
WNS17HMR1 Winchester® Supreme .17HMR 17gr V-Max 50/Box Out   $13.79
MultiBox: 10/$12.99  
WNX17HMR1 Winchester® Super-X® .17 HMR 20gr GamePoint® 50/Box Out   $13.79
MultiBox: 10/$12.99  
WNX17W20 Winchester .17 Win Super Mag Super-X 20gr JHP 50/Box Out   $14.99
MultiBox: 10/$14.29  
WNS17W20 Winchester Varmint HV .17 WSM 20gr 50/Box Out   $17.99
MultiBox: 10/$16.99  
WNS17W25 Winchester 17 Win Super Mag VMax HE 50/Box Out   $18.99
MultiBox: 10/$17.49  
WNX22LRPP Winchester® Super-X® Rimfire - .22LR 40gr Lead HP 50/Box Out   $4.49
MultiBox: 10/$4.19  
WNX22LRHLF Winchester® Super-X® Lead-Free Rimfire - .22LR 26gr JHP 50/Box Out   $9.49
WNX22LRHSS1 Winchester® Super-X® Rimfire - .22LR 37gr Super-Speed HP™ 100/Box Out   $8.49
WNXHV22LR Winchester® Super-X® Rimfire - .22 LR 40gr Copper-Plated HP 100/Box Out   $10.99
MultiBox: 10/$10.49  
WNX22LRPP1 Winchester® Super-X® Rimfire - .22LR 40gr PowerPoint HP™ 100/Box Out   $9.99
WNX22LRSS1 Winchester® Super-X® Rimfire - .22LR 40gr Super Speed RN™ 100/Box Out   $8.49
WNPP22LRH42U Winchester PowerPoint 22LR 42gr 50/Box Out   $6.49
MultiBox: 10/$5.99  
WNUSA22M Winchester® Dynapoint® - .22 WMR 45gr 50/Box Out   $10.99
WNS22M2PT Winchester® Varmint HV™ .22 Win Mag 30gr 50/Box Out   $16.99
MultiBox: 10/$15.99  
WNX22MHLF Winchester® Super-X® Rimfire - .22 Mag 28gr Lead Free HP 50/Box Out   $16.99
MultiBox: 10/$15.99  
WN22WRF Winchester .22 WRF 45gr FP 50/box Out   $9.49
MultiBox: 10/$8.99  
WNX222501 Winchester® Super-X® Centerfire Rifle - .22-250 Rem 55gr PSP 20/box Out $22.49  $20.79
WNS22LRFSP Winchester® Varmint HE .22LR 37gr SP 50rd/Box Out   $7.49
MultiBox: 10/$6.79  
WNS270WSMCT Winchester® Supreme® AccuBond™ CT® .270 WSM 140gr 20/Box Out   $43.49
MultiBox: 10/$40.99  
WNKIT2 500-Rounds of .22LR plus/Outers 28pc. Cleaning Kit Out   $39.99
WNS22LRT Winchester® M22 .22LR 40gr RN 1000rd/Bulk Out   $64.99
WNS22MPDX1 Winchester® PDX1® Defender™ .22 Magnum 45gr JHP 50/Box Out   $17.99
MultiBox: 10/$16.99  
WNX22S Winchester® Super-X® Rimfire - .22 Short 29gr LRN 50/Box Out   $4.99
MultiBox: 10/$4.49  

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