Winchester Supreme® Nosler Solid - .416 Rem. Mag 400gr 20/Box

Product Number: WNS416SLS
Item Price: $124.99
Multiple Qty Discounts: 10 items at $119.99 each
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 2.74 lbs.

• Caliber: .416 Remington Magnum
• Grain: 400gr
• Bullet: Nosler Solid
• Velocity: 2400 fps
• 20 Rounds per Box

When Africa calls, so does the need for being equipped with the proper ammunition to take down the game on your hunting list—and being prepared for game that may not be. Winchester’s new Safari Ammunition line was engineered to not only tackle the toughest game in Africa and the rest of the continents with supreme confidence, but to provide performance and versatility in virtually any situation.

Offered in the venerable .375 H&H Magnum, .416 Rigby and .458 Winchester Magnum, as well as the .416 Remington Magnum cartridge, the new Winchester® Safari line makes the most of these popular and proven African cartridges by pairing them with the finest bullet choices available—Nosler® Partition® and the new Nosler Solid™.

Nosler Partition bullets—with copper alloy jackets and lead-alloy cores—have long been favored around the world for accuracy and terminal performance on game. The new Nosler Solids—featuring a unique design and homogenous lead-free alloy construction—provide spectacular penetration and an impressively straight wound channel on large, thick-skinned game.

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