Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silvertip - .22-250 Rem. 50gr 20/Box

Product Number: WNSBST22250
Item Price: $27.49 $25.79
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In response to consumer demands, Winchester’s Supreme® Ballistic Silvertip® line is now available with popular weight 55 gr. bullets in two of the most popular calibers – 223 Rem. and 22-250 Rem. The heavier weight Ballistic Silvertip bullets improve long-range ballistics and reduce wind drift on those challenging long-range shots. The heavier weight bullets also add knockdown power for the bigger predators like coyotes and bobcats. Both new offerings are CXP1 varmint category Ballistic Silvertips.

Each of these new heavier weight Supreme varmint loads incorporate the proven Supreme Ballistic Silvertip design with a solid base boattail for excellent long range accuracy, Lubalox® coating to reduce engraving forces and barrel fouling, and the polycarbonate tip to resist deformation in the magazine. The Ballistic Silvertip polycarbonate tip, along with the soft lead alloy core, combines to ensure rapid fragmentation in varmint calibers.

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  Product Title In Stock Pricing
WNX223RT Winchester® Super-X® Lead-Free Centerfire Rifle - .223 Rem. 55gr Tin 20/box Out   $24.29
MultiBox: 10/$22.79  
WNS223M2 Winchester Match .223 69gr BTHP 20/Box Out   $27.49
MultiBox: 10/$25.99  
WNX223WSS Winchester® Super-X® Centerfire Rifle - .223 WSSM 55gr PSP 20/Box Out   $24.99
MultiBox: 10/$23.29  
WNX223WSS1 Winchester® Super-X® Centerfire Rifle - .223 WSSM 64gr PSP 20/Box Out   $34.79
MultiBox: 10/$32.99  
WNX243WSS Winchester® Super-X® Centerfire Rifle - .243 WSSM 100gr Power-Point® 20/Box Out   $36.99
MultiBox: 10/$34.99  
WNSBST2705A Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silvertip - .270 WSM 150gr 20/Box Out $37.49  $35.99
MultiBox: 10/$35.49  
WNSBST3006B Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silvertip - .30-06 Sprg. 180gr 20/Box Out $31.49  $30.99
MultiBox: 10/$29.49  
WNX204P Winchester Varmint-X 204 Ruger 32gr 20/Box Out $18.99  $17.99
WNX218B Winchester® Super-X® Centerfire Rifle - .218 Bee 46gr JHP 50/box Out $83.99  $77.99
WNS22250RLF Winchester® Ballistic Silvertip® - .22-250 35gr 20/Box Out   $27.49
MultiBox: 10/$25.99  
WNX222502 Winchester® Super-X® Centerfire Rifle - .22-250 Rem 64gr PSP 20/box Out $29.79  $26.79
WNX22250P Winchester Varmint-X .22-250 Rem. 55gr 20/Box Out $23.99  $23.49
MultiBox: 10/$22.99  
WNS223RLF Winchester® Ballistic Silvertip® Lead Free - .223 Rem. 35gr 20/Box In Stock   $28.49
MultiBox: 10/$26.99  
WNX223R Winchester® Super-X® Centerfire Rifle - .223 Rem. 55gr PSP 20/Box In Stock $21.49  $19.29
WNX223R2BP Winchester® Super-X® Power Max Bonded™ Centerfire Rifle - .223 Rem 64gr PHP 20/Box In Stock $22.49  $19.99
WNX223P1 Winchester Varmint-X .223 Rem. 40gr 20/Box In Stock $20.99  $18.99
WNX223P Winchester .223 Rem 55gr Varmint-X 20/Box In Stock $20.99  $18.99
WNX2432BP Winchester® Super-X® Power Max Bonded™ Centerfire Rifle - .243 Win 100gr PHP 20/Box Out $23.49  $21.94
WNX243P Winchester Varmint-X .243 Win. 58gr 20/box Out $28.49  $27.49
MultiBox: 10/$26.99  
WNX25WSS Winchester® Super-X® Centerfire Rifle - .25 WSSM 120gr PEP 20/Box Out   $37.49
WNSBST25WSS Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silvertip - .25 WSSM 85gr 20/Box Out $37.49  $35.99
MultiBox: 10/$35.49  
WNX25062 Winchester® Super-X® Centerfire Rifle - .25-06 Rem. 120gr PEP 20/Box Out $37.49  $33.79
WNX2535 Winchester® Super-X® Centerfire Rifle - .25-20 Win 117gr SP 20/Box Out   $48.99
WNX257P3 Winchester® Super-X® Centerfire Rifle - .257 Roberts +P 117gr Power-Point® 20/box Out $37.99  $34.79
WNX2642 Winchester® Super-X® Centerfire Rifle - .264 Win. Mag 140gr Power-Point® 20/Box Out $53.49  $46.49

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