Winchester® Supreme® Partition Gold® Slug - 12ga 3" Sabot 385gr 5/Box

Product Number: WNSSP123
Item Price: $15.49 $13.49
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Shipping Weight: 0.57 lb.

• Caliber: 12ga
• Shell Length: 3"
• Shot Size: Sabot
• Oz. Shot: 385gr
• Velocity: 1850 fps
• 5 Rounds per Box

Winchester Ammunition has expanded their already extensive offerings of shotgun slugs with a new Supreme® 3” Partition Gold® load. The Partition Gold Slug has proven itself in both 12 gauge 2-3/4” and 20 gauge 2-3/4” loads.

The new 3” slug uses a 385 gr. Partition Gold Slug and the patented Winchester® Sabot. The sizzling muzzle velocity of 1850 fps is making it one of the fastest, hardest hitting slugs on the market. The flatter trajectory will allow hunters to maximize the potential of their shotguns.

Scorching Velocity & Incredible Energy Make this the Fastest, Flattest, Hardest-Hitting, Deepest Penetrating Slug On the Market! Partition Slug retains greater energy level at 100 yards than competitive slug offerings develop at the muzzle! More than 50% greater penetration than competitive slug offerings. Winchester shotgun slugs for hunting deer have long been the gold standard for performance and accuracy.

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