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Remington Pistol Bullets .38 cal .357" 125 gr SJHP 100/ct

Product Number: RM23572

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125 gr



Details & Specs

Hunters and target shooters have relied on Remington's solid reputation for years because of the exceptional quality of all Remington Pistol Bullets. A perfect option for large volume reloading is the full metal jacket 9mm and .45 ACP pistol bullets. These are also perfect for practice ammunition and plinking.

Key features of these bullets include the broad range of applications and availability in various calibers and styles, including metal case, semi-jacketed hollow point, soft point, lead round nose, jacketed hollow point, and semi-wadcutter. Regardless of your choice, only the highest components are used, each carefully manufactured and inspected for tight control.


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Remington Pistol Bullets - .38 cal .357 dia 125 gr SJHP - 100/ct

  • Remington Pistol Bullets .38 cal .357" 125 gr SJHP 100/ct
  • Remington Pistol Bullets .38 cal .357" 125 gr SJHP 100/ct