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Speer Deep Curl Handgun Bullets .44 cal .429" 240 gr DCHP 100/ct

Product Number: SP4455

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Bullet Type







240 gr



Details & Specs

Speer began manufacturing bullets during World War II, and today the company offers a range of options, including Speer Deep Curl Handgun Bullets. These bullets are designed with a boat tail, great for long-range shooting, excellent expansion, and a high ballistic coefficient.

These bullets directly compete with the famous Sierra GameKing bullet, which speaks volumes. With these Deep Curl Handgun Bullets, a preformed lead core and plated jacket are fused at the molecular level. This unique technology produces a slightly cupped flat base design that enhances accuracy. Because of the jacket and core bonding, there is no possibility of separation following impact.


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Speer Deep Curl Handgun Bullets - .44 Mag .429 dia 240 gr DCHP - 100/ct

  • Speer Deep Curl Handgun Bullets .44 Mag .429" 240 gr DCHP 100/ct
  • Speer Deep Curl Handgun Bullets .44 Mag .429" 240 gr DCHP 100/ct