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Remington HTP Centerfire Handgun Ammunition .38 Spl (+P) LHP 50/box

Product Number: RT22301

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.38 Spl (+P)

Bullet Type




Details & Specs

Acquire your Remington HTP Centerfire Handgun Ammunition and start shooting with the knowledge that you are shooting with the best. This company offers a wide range of handgun ammo that covers nearly all uses and all calibers.

Remington offers high terminal performance grade bullets that are designed specifically for self-defense and for hunting. These bullets feature expanding designs that are perfect for whatever task you have in front of you. There is a waterproof sealant used on all of the case mouths and all of the primers to make sure you get consistent performance each and every day.


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Remington HTP Centerfire Handgun Ammunition .38 Spl (+P)  LHP  50/box zoom