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Sierra High Velocity Varminter Rifle Bullets .22 cal .224" 63 gr SMP 100/ct

Product Number: SI1370

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63 gr



Details & Specs

With Sierra High-Velocity Rifle Bullets, hunters have several choices. One is the MatchKing, which has long been revered as being among the best bullets for long-range shooting. There is also the GameKing, great for hunting medium game; the BlitzKing, which can be fired at velocities up to 4,000 feet per second; and the Pro Hunter, which has optimum weight retention and deep penetration for stopping game.

In addition to these, there are other bullets manufactured by Sierra, but all options outperform the competition. Many of the bullets boast a custom tapered jacket design for maximum expansion that ensures a clean, one-shot kill.


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Sierra Vaminter Rifle Bullets - .22 cal .224 dia 63 gr SMP - 100/ct

  • Sierra Vaminter Rifle Bullets .22 cal .224" 63 gr SMP 100/ct
  • Sierra Vaminter Rifle Bullets .22 cal .224" 63 gr SMP 100/ct