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Swift A-Frame Rifle Bullets .25 cal .257" 100 gr AFSS 50/ct

Product Number: SB25100

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Bullet Type







100 gr



Details & Specs

Swift-A-Frame Rifle Bullets boast a unique jacket and core design. This bullet features a soft, semi-Spitzer lead nose from the tip to the base. As a result, the bullet is protected from recoil while still in the magazine. The bullet also has a jacket made from pure copper, and because it tapers at the tip, expansion rate is better controlled, regardless of velocity.

Tapering at the base of the core is critical for penetration, producing the necessary momentum. Another huge benefit is the wraparound jacket on the base. With this, the original weight is retained and deformation is prevented.


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Swift A-Frame Rifle Bullets - .25 cal .257 dia. 100gr AFSS 50/Box

  • Swift A-Frame Rifle Bullets .25 cal .257" 100gr AFSS 50/ct