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Thompson Center Sabots and Round Balls- All Copper .500 dia 400 gr Sabot

Thompson Center Copper-Crusher Lead-Free Bullets Mag Express Sabots .50 Caliber 250 gr 15/ct

Product Number: TC8331

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Thompson Center

Bullet Type

All Copper




250 gr

Details & Specs

These Thompson Center Sabots and Round Balls feature an all-copper design with a .500 diameter and 400 grain size. These bullets were specifically designed to deliver magnum-level performance with centerfire-weight bullets, all without strong recoil.

If you are looking for a line of centerfire-weight bullets that deliver superior accuracy and premium-quality performance, look no further than these Thompson Center Sabots and Round Balls. These bullets were designed to deliver premium-level accuracy in both standard and hyper velocities and super-deep penetration to take down even the largest game.


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