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Rifle Ammo

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Looking for ammunition for your .223 Rem, .308 Win or rifle ammo for a different caliber? At Natchez Shooters Supplies, we stock ammo for nearly 50 different types of rifles. Choose from the top brands, including Federal, Hornady, Nosler, Remington, Sellier & Bellot, Winchester and more.

From single box to bulk orders, specialty ammunition, blanks and more, our pricing can’t be beat.

Whether you’re tracking small or large game, or spending the day at the shooting range, we have the rifle ammunition in the caliber you need. At Natchez, we are outdoor enthusiasts just like you, and we have everything you need at our one-stop-shop, family owned and operated since 1979.

FAQ’s About Rifle Ammo

1.        Can I buy rifle ammo online?

You can buy rifle ammunition online if you are 21 or older, in most states. Check our customer service page for shipping restrictions on online ammo purchases in NY, DC, HI, MA, CA and IL. Buying ammo online is simple and cost-effective at Natchez Shooters Supplies.

2.        Can I return rifle ammunition online?

We do not accept ammunition returns.

3.        Does rifle ammunition expire?

Ammo can last several decades when it’s properly stored. Store your ammunition in a cool, dry place where heat and humidity won’t reach it. To extend the life of your ammo, check out our ammo storage case options at Nachez.

4.        What is the cheapest rifle ammunition?

The cost of rifle ammunition varies based on the cartridge case material. Brass is typically the most expensive, but it’s also corrosion-resistant, reloadable and offers a tight seal.

Both steel and aluminum ammunition are more cost-effective than brass, but they don’t seal as tight. The best ammo for you depends on what you plan to use it for and your preferences.

5.       What are the most popular rifle calibers?

The most popular calibers for rifles in the United States include:

  • 5.56mm/.223 Rem
  • 308 Win
  • 6.5 Creedmoor
  • 30-06 Sprg

We carry ammo for all of the above calibers and more at Natchez Shooters Supplies.

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