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22 lr ammo

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18 Item(s)

22lr ammo: 

.22 Long Rifle or 22LR ammo needs little introduction. Designed back in 1887, it has remained in production ever since — not only as a synonym for a rimfire cartridge, but also as the single most popular type of firearm ammo in the world. 

The secret behind the success of 22LR ammo is user-friendliness and affordability. Both beginner and expert shooters admire 22LR ammo for its low recoil and light weight, which makes it perfect for a variety of situations: target practice, close-range competitive shooting, and small game hunting, to name a few. 

As for the 22’s affordability, we have to thank the simple, robust rimfire design for that — 22LR ammo is truly one of the cheapest cartridges on the market, if not the most affordable. 

At Natchez Shooters Supplies, we offer a great variety of 22LR ammo from leading brands, including CCI, Lapua, SK, Remington, Aguila, and others. Explore our 22LR ammo selection and find the right ammo for your shooting needs! 

22lr ammo FAQs:  

  1. How long does 22LR ammo last?  
  2. Like all ammo, 22LR ammo can remain operational for decades if stored properly. Always store your ammo in a cool, dry place. To maximize the shelf life of your .22LR ammunition, use secure ammo storage solutions, such as dry boxes or ammo cans. 

  3. Is .22LR ammo good for self-defense?  
  4. Even though .22LR ammo is compact and versatile, it is not ideal in self-defense situations due to its rather low stopping power. 

  5. Can I buy .22LR ammo online? 
  6. .22LR ammo is widely available for purchase online if you are 21 or older. However, some U.S. states impose restrictions on ammo shipping — be sure to check your local regulations before making a purchase. 

  7.  Can I return 22LR ammunition I bought online from Natchez Shooters Supplies? 
  8. No, we do not accept returns on 22LR ammo — or any ammo — purchased online.  

  9. How much does .22LR ammo cost? 
  10. 22LR ammo is among the most affordable types of ammunition you can buy. To save even more on your 22LR ammo, purchase it in bulk quantities from Natchez Shooters Supplies! 

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