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1-32 of 153

At Natchez Shooters Supplies, we stock a full line of shotgun ammo for every gauge shotgun, from a 10 gauge to a 32 gauge. Choose from a wide variety of shotshell types, shell lengths and powers for bird hunting, skeet shooting and more.

Whether you need birdshot, buckshot or shotgun slugs and sabots, we carry all top shotgun ammo lines, including Federal, Hevi-Shot, Kent and Estate, Remington, Winchester & Rio and more. Stock up to stay ready for the hunt with high-quality shotgun ammo at Natchez Shooters Supplies, family owned and operated since 1979.

We’re hunters and outdoor enthusiasts just like you, which is why we carry the best brands at the best prices!

Shotgun Ammo FAQs

1.        Can I buy shotgun ammo online?

You can buy shotgun ammunition online in most states throughout the U.S. Please visit our customer service page to check shipping restrictions for NY, DC, HI, MA, CA and IL residents. Buying ammunition online is simple and cost-effective at Natchez.

2.        Can I return shotgun ammo online?

We do not accept any returns on ammunition purchased online

3.        Does shotgun ammo expire?

Shotgun ammunition can last decades or more when stored properly in a cool, dry space. Ideally, you should store your ammo in a dry box or other storage solution meant specifically for ammunition. Check out the variety of solutions we offer for ammo storage in our online shop.

4.        What is the most common shotgun gauge?

The most common shotgun gauge in the U.S. is the 12 gauge. We carry close to 50 options for 12-gauge shotgun ammo at Natchez Shooters Supply.

5.        What is the difference between birdshot, buckshot and slugs?

Birdshot ammo contains small metal spheres within the shotgun shell, which separate and spread when the gun is fired. This ammo is used to hunt birds or small animals.

Buckshot ammo is similar to birdshot, but it contains larger metal pellets, which have a bigger impact on the target. This type of ammo is typically used for hunting larger animals, like deer.

Slugs are much more powerful than birdshot ammo and also more powerful than buckshot ammo. They’re typically used to hunt large animals, which can often be killed with one shot. Slugs come in different varieties depending on the materials they’re made out of, including wad, wax, cut shell, foster, steel and more. The amount of damage they have on the target depends on the material that the tip is made out of.

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