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Tritium Pro Sights Now Available for New M&P® Shield™ 9 Ez®


by: Natchez Shooting Supplies

Originally Posted on TRUGLO, Inc. introduces a new model of TRITIUM PRO n...

  • Happy 4th of July

    Happy 4th of July


    by: Natchez Shooting Supplies

    Get out there and celebrate freedom! We’re looking forward to the coming July ...

  • Tech Tips: Dry Fire

    Tech Tips: Dry Fire


    by: Natchez Shooting Supplies

    When is dry firing ok and when should it be avoided? Dry firing, or pulling the trig...

  • A Father’s Steady Hand

    A Father’s Steady Hand


    by: Natchez Shooting Supplies

    It was one of those strange windless winter days with the sun shining brightly that ...

  • Remembering White Feather

    Remembering White Feather


    by: Natchez Shooting Supplies

    When you hear “he never set out to be hero” in reference to a man who distinguis...

  • Flag Day

    Flag Day


    by: Natchez Shooting Supplies

    Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the stars and stripes as our national flag on ...

  • Tech Tips: Buffer Tubes

    Tech Tips: Buffer Tubes


    by: Natchez Shooters Supplies

    The AR platform is America’s most popular rifle. Its modular design makes fitt...

  • The .40 Compromise

    The .40 Compromise


    by: Natchez Shooters Supplies

    1990 was a big year for me.  My son was born and Smith & Wesson introduced the ...

  • EDC Knives for regular folks

    EDC Knives for regular folks


    by: Natchez Shooters Supplies

    For years I have said that I know just enough about knives to be able to sell them....

  • A Fistful of Iron

    A Fistful of Iron


    by: Natchez Shooters Supplies

    For nearly 60 years now Clint Eastwood has enjoyed his spot at the top of the A-lis...