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Affordable Carry Ammo


by: Natchez Shooting Supplies

Are you looking for an affordable carry load? A lot of top-shelf defense ammunition costs top-shelf prices. I would wager that many folks who carry firearms for self-defense are carrying ammo they have rarely or perhaps even never shot. If I had to guess a reason the obvious answer would be the cost. Does this sound a little crazy? Wouldn’t people want an idea of what kind of accuracy to expect from their carry ammo? There are some very valid reasons why police departments insist that their officers shoot for qualification with the ammo they carry on duty. Full metal jacket practice ammo with not have the exact amount of recoil as the carry ammo and of course, there’s the accuracy issue. Carry ammunition you’re unfamiliar with is like a blind date. Things could go wrong.

Starfire is PMC’s line of premium defense ammunition. Starfire bullets utilize a very deep cavity featuring PMC’s patented rib and flute design to create expansion of nearly 100 percent. Consistent expansion along with a 9 to 14-inch average penetration helps make Starfire’s case. All PMC Starfire ammo is manufactured to exacting standards in a state of the art facility. Starfire’s strongest attribute is accuracy, producing better groups than rival defense loads costing over twice as much.

The advantages of being able to practice with your carry ammunition are immediately obvious. Defense ammunition, in general, tends to be more consistent than target ammo. Starfire’s consistency means no variations in recoil or muzzle flip allowing the shooter to more easily develop muscle memory. Range training with your carry ammo allows you familiarize yourself with trajectory and point of impact at varying distances. With PMC Starfire you can do all this for a more economical price. My dad always told me not to complain about a cheap date. She just might be a keeper.

– Andy Merciers


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