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Forever Four Power


by: Natchez Shooting Supplies

Over my years of selling optics it has always puzzled me why some folks are so reluctant to scope their rifles with fixed power optics. To me a good fixed power scope is hard to beat. Growing up hunting deer in east Tennessee and north Georgia with a Marlin 336 lever action might be the reason for my fondness for a fixed 4-power scope, as it seems to be just right for this terrain and the .30-30’s effective range.

A fixed 4-power scope is also ideal for teaching youngsters to use optics. Keeping it simple to start with is always the best answer for beginners. Variances in magnification create variances in eye relief, parallax and field of view, which can be distracting to the novice shooter.

Militaries and law enforcement agencies are also believers in the usefulness of fixed power scopes. A fixed 4-power scope is an excellent option for today’s tactical carbines. Enough magnification to positively identify targets at carbine ranges, and a wide enough field of vision make the 4-power a powerful tactical contender.

The following are some examples of the great options for fixed 4-power scopes across a broad price range.

Bushnell Banner Riflescope

Bushnell Banner 4x32mm
This is the closest modern equivalent of what I had on my old .30-30 as a kid. It’s a tried and true recipe. Many deer have fallen in these crosshairs. One of the best deals in a 4×32 scope. Period.

Trijicon ACOG

Trijicon ACOG 4x32mm
Our armed forces use this scope because of its rock solid dependability and build quality. Available in a wide variety of ballistic reticles, colors and both tritium and battery lit versions, the Trijicon ACOG might be the perfect tactical midrange optic.

Tasco Rimfire Scope

Tasco 4x15mm Rimfire
It’s time for your child’s first 22 rifle. It’s as simple as a riflescope gets. It makes a great training scope and definitely won’t break the bank.

NIKON Buckmaster

NIKON Buckmaster 4x40mm
This scope is at home on a high-power bolt action or your grandfather’s old lever gun. What you get is Nikon’s optical quality and low light performance at a great price.

Weaver Classic K-4

Weaver K-4 4x38mm
All of my friends and co-workers know this is my favorite scope of all times. I own a modern one and one from 1954 and wouldn’t trade anything for either of them. Clarity, durability and repeatability are a few reasons but mostly it’s the simplicity. And I’m a simple kind of guy.

– Andy Merciers



Billy Barber


I grew up on the Tasco 4X fixed on a Remington bushmaster 22 lr. It served me well for many a year.

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