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4 Fall Deer Hunting Tips


by: Natchez Shooting Supplies

It’s almost fall hunting season, and that means it’s nearly time to hunt deer. Whether you are peering down Redfield scopes from a tree stand, waiting for the perfect shot at a deer, or are carrying a bow or crossbow and hunting in the early season, here are some tips that can help you bring home dinner this fall.

Check Your Gear
The first step is to check all of your gear and supplies. Take your rifles to the range and make sure all the Bushnell scopes are still properly secured and zeroed. Clean and lube your rifles. Ensure all of your gear, such as tree stands or blinds, are in working condition and ready to be used. Do you have enough ammo? If not, get more. Do all of your hunting clothes still fit? If not, get new clothes. Make sure you have hand warmers and enough scent blocker. There is nothing worse than getting ready on opening day only to find you are missing something or your stock is low.

Use Game Cameras
If you can, do your homework before the hunt. Use game cameras, if possible, to track the movements of the deer. Hopefully, you started in the summer and have already scouted out locations. If not, better late than never. If you can understand why the deer are there, such as food sources, you can pick the ideal hunting spot. If you screw in an extra couple steps into either side of the tree around your stand, you can rest your rifle on the step to help steady the rifle. This makes it easy to look through your Redfield scopes and get a clear sight picture, making it a snap to shoot on target.

Prep Your Tree Stand
Blinds are relatively easy to set up, but tree stands require a bit more thought. Hopefully, you’ve done your scouting and homework, and you know where the deer are likely to show up. A great location for the stand is worthless if you aren’t adequately covered, and deer can easily spot you. However, you can use rope or zip-ties to attach fake tree limbs.

Get Rid of Scents
Scent control is vital, as human scents can spook deer, ruining a hunt. Take showers with scent-free soap. Wait until you are at the stand and spray. Don’t cut corners or get lazy, and spray everything you can. That includes gear such as rangefinders and any calls. Keep spraying multiple times throughout the hunt, as you will sweat. When you are done, spray down the tree stand, and spray yourself down before you leave so you don’t leave a scent trail. Wash your hunting clothes consistently to keep the human scent off them as much as possible.

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