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5 Reasons You Should Reload Ammunition


by: Natchez Shooting Supplies

Picking Up Brass: Reasons You Should Load Your Own Ammo

If you have been considering loading or reloading your own ammunition, you might be wondering what the benefits are. While it can be a bit of work and an upfront cost, the benefits can greatly outweigh buying factory ammo. Here are some of those benefits and why loading your own ammo might be right for you.

Cheaper Costs Over Time
The upfront costs of starting to load and reload your own ammo are high. A press is the most expensive part, but as long as you continue loading your own ammo, you will find it cheaper than buying factory ammo over time. Some calibers, such as .22 LR, are much cheaper to reload than others, such 9mm. While the margins for 9mm are not great due to how plentiful 9mm is, if you go with rarer ammunition, you will see greater savings. While reloading is more work than loading, thanks to the brass slightly expanding after being fired, you can also recycle used brass, saving even more money in the long run.

Make Special-Purpose Ammunition
Imagine looking down the Redfield scopes of two identical rifles, one with factory ammo and one with ammo you have loaded. You have a long-distance target. The factory ammo falls short, thanks to a number of factors, such as wind. There was not enough powder, which means not enough energy to go fast enough to ignore wind as a factor. If you load your own ammo, you control the powder, the type of bullet, and the primer. You can make special-purpose ammunition, such as rounds that fly faster and farther, perfect for target shooting or hunting. It’s not uncommon for competition shooters to make their own ammo in order to give them an edge when allowed.

Ignore Ammo Shortages
Is there a shortage of factory-made ammo in the caliber you need? Just like everything else, ammo is vulnerable to sudden changes in buying habits, and there have been several shortages in recent history; unless, of course, you made your own. That meant work, getting each of the components, and putting it together yourself. The payoff, however, was ignoring the ammo shortage. For future shortages, this means getting out to the range or going hunting without worrying that you will not have the ammo you need, even if it’s hard to find on store shelves.

Make Ammo For Your Gun
If you took the time to look through a selection of Bushnell scopes for your rifle, finding the perfect one for you and the rifle’s purpose, then it only makes sense that you would take the time to create your own ammo specific for your rifle. Whether it’s because the twist rate in your barrel isn’t common, or you are simply trying to make the most of a revolver with an oversized bore, you can load ammo specifically made to do well with your guns.

It’s Fun
Reloading is a great way to relax. It’s repeating actions, which can help you get into a zen-like state. You can have fun experimenting with different bullets, casing, the amount of gunpowder, and so on. The money on supplies spent can directly translate to both skills in creating rounds, and shooting those rounds will make you a better shooter over time.


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