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7 Shooting Mistakes & How to Fix Them


by: Natchez Shooting Supplies

There are a million different things that can cause a shot to miss its target. Like many skills, shooting takes time and experience to master, but there are a few tricks that can help you along the way. Here are seven mistakes that are quick to fix and can help improve your shooting accuracy, whether it’s a metal target or a deer.

Improper Ring Alignment
If you have been aligning scope rings by eye and slapping Bushnell scopes on your rifle, you are doing a disservice to the optics. Trying to align by eye will undoubtedly result in poor alignment. The rings in front need to be in alignment with the rings in the back. Do not estimate, as an incorrect alignment could damage your scope when firing. It can cause dents, making it harder to adjust the scope while also distorting the reticle. Instead, use a level to ensure the scopes are in alignment, and your accuracy should improve.

Over- & Under-Tightening Screws
You need to strike a careful balance when attaching a scope to your rifle, or your shooting will suffer. Overtighten the screws, and you could damage the scope, snapping your optic. On the other hand, under-tightening means the scope can move ever so slightly, throwing off your accuracy thanks to recoil. If possible, use an adjustable-torque screwdriver and set the scope to the manufacturer’s recommended amount of torque.

Not Zeroing the Scope
You just added Redfield scopes to your rifles, and you’re going hunting this weekend. If you haven’t zeroed out the scopes, your aim will undoubtedly be off. Take the time to zero the scope and take the time to do it properly.

Shooting Too Fast
You see the target and, channeling the Call of Duty games, quickly bring up your rifle and take the shot, barely looking through the scope. Rushing will only decrease your accuracy. Slow down, focus on your breathing, use the reticle, and take the shot. If you lose sight of your deer during the window, wait for another opportunity—it’s better than missing and spooking the animal.

Poor Trigger Technique
Poor trigger technique will ruin a shot every time. Jerking the trigger will jerk the rifle, throwing off your aim. Instead, use an even pull with the pad of your finger instead of the joint. Consistent pressure is key. It is more of a controlled squeeze than a true pull. Practice dry firing and remember to follow through on the trigger squeeze.

Fear of Recoil & Scope Bite
While fear of recoil, much like practice, is something that takes training, you can eliminate scope bite, or scope eye, by properly placing your scope. Proper cheek weld will help, but if your scope is too close to your face, it could still hit you on recoil. Your scope should have generous eye relief, and the rifle should be properly fitted.

Forgetting the Follow-Through
Fight the urge to look at the target immediately after shooting. Raising your cheek from the rest can result in a larger grouping. Only move your head after reacquiring the target through your optic.

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