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7 Ways to Improve Your Accuracy with a Rifle


by: Natchez Shooting Supplies

If you aren’t shooting small, tight groups when you fire your rifle, it could be an error with the firearm, your setup, or your technique. Make sure, for example, your Bushnell scopes are mounted correctly, your rifle is clean, and you slow your breathing. The following tips will help you get back to staying on target.

Clean the Rifle
First and foremost, clean your rifle. A clean rifle is an accurate rifle. If you haven’t cleaned the barrel, for example, carbon or copper buildup could affect the ballistics of the bullet as it travels down the barrel, which may reduce accuracy. Make sure the rifle is cleaned and properly lubricated.

Mount and Use a Scope Correctly
If your Redfield scopes aren’t mounted correctly, your accuracy will be off. Use quality rings and mounts, and don’t over-tighten the screws. If you use a lower-quality mount or ring, recoil could shift the scope, requiring you to zero in again.

Adjust the Trigger Pull
You want to have a crisp, clean trigger pull with a consistent break. If there’s too much creep, you won’t know where the break point is, leading to inconsistency and lower accuracy. Technique is essential, as well, as too many people pull a trigger incorrectly. You should be able to move the trigger straight to the rear of the rifle without disrupting the sight picture. Try putting a small object on the rifle and keep practicing until you can pull the trigger without moving the object.

Fit the Rifle to You
The stock, or bedding, should be fitted to you. Hunting rifles, for example, greatly benefit from a custom-fitted stock. This often requires a trained gunsmith and could result in a long wait, but the accuracy improvement is worth it.

Use the Right Load
Know the ballistics of your load. Whether you are using ammo you formulated, or that you bought from the store, you should know how it will behave as it comes out of the barrel. Test different loads to see how each works with your specific rifle and reload yourself if you can’t find a store-bought load that works for you. It requires trial-and-error but can significantly increase your accuracy if you know how each load behaves and how to zero for your preferred load.

Control Your Breathing
Just by breathing, you can throw off a shot. When you are ready to shoot, take a deep breath, and exhale about half of it. As you squeeze the trigger, hold your breath. Don’t hold for too long, however, as this can speed up your heart rate, increasing your pulse and causing the rifle to move. If that happens, start over. For the most accurate shot, pull the trigger between heartbeats.

Follow Through
You may want to admire your shot and see if you hit the target directly after firing. Instead, you will want to keep looking through the scope. Follow through with the recoil, and then look.

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