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Essential Hunting Accessories From Natchez


by: Natchez Shooting Supplies

Whether it’s your first hunt or your hundredth, don’t leave home without these hunting essentials. If you aren’t sure which is the best for you, let the professionals at Natchez Shooters Supplies help you sort through Redfield scopes and ammo reloading to help you have the best hunt possible.

The Right Type of Ammunition
First and foremost, bring enough ammo. If you are shooting waterfowl, that means bringing boxes of shotgun ammo. For rifles, it means plenty of either detachable mags or boxes of ammo. If you are reloading, be sure to mark different loads for quick identification.

The Right Scope for Your Expected Ranges
If you are using rifles, don’t forget your Bushnell scopes. Deer and other game may be in your line of sight but at a distance. Scopes can significantly increase your accuracy over longer distances, especially compared to using iron sights. If you are not sure which scope is best for your rifle and your game, let the experts at Natchez Shooters Supplies help you decide which is right for you.

Knives for Utility and Dressing Game
Bring at least two knives: a multipurpose knife for any odd jobs you might have to perform, and a knife specifically meant for dressing game. These hunting knives are used for skinning and processing game, and while they also perform other functions, it’s best to keep the two separated.

Calls and Decoys to Attract Game
For waterfowl and turkey hunting, you’ll need decoys. Bird, deer, or elk hunts need a call to mimic the animal’s sounds and attract them to you. They can be the difference between landing a deer or bird and having a completely unsuccessful hunt.

Scents and Attractants to Hide Your Presence

Scents can help cover your own scent, creating a barrier between you and your target. For example, doe and fawn urine can not only cover your scent but be applied to a decoy to increase the decoy’s effectiveness. You can also get scent eliminators, reducing your scent and eliminating odors so as not to alert game to your presence.

A Rangefinder and Binoculars to Gather Information
Binoculars will help you find a target. They can also help you track a faraway target. Some of the top-end binoculars are combined with a rangefinder, and some account for uphill and downhill shooting angles. A rangefinder performs a simple but essential function: determining the distance between you and your target. This can help as you won’t have to guess the distance when looking through Bushnell scopes, and can instead immediately compensate for distance and other conditions.

A Ballistics Weather Meter for Greater Accuracy
While you may know the distance and can compensate for bullet drop, a ballistics weather meter measures wind, altitude, and other critical variables to help you calculate an accurate aim point, important at long range. You won’t have to throw a handful of grass to determine wind speed: this device does it for you.

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