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New Shooter Essentials From Natchez


by: Natchez Shooting Supplies

Are you just getting into shooting and bought a rifle, but don’t know what you need now? Natchez Shooters Supplies is here to help you get everything you need, from Magpul PMAGS to Bushnell scopes, so that you can have a fun time at the range or hunting.

Magazines & Ammo
First, you will need magazines and ammo for your new rifle. Magazines hold the ammunition, but having spare, loaded mags is never a bad idea. This also makes quickly reloading possible. With only one mag, you will have to constantly load the magazine, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming without tools to help you fill the mag. Which ammo you need is dependent first on your rifle. Your rifle may be able to use multiple calibers, such as 5.56 and .223. However, other considerations include grain count, which can affect the speed of the bullet.

Whether you are going for Vortex red dot sights or Redfield scopes, you will likely want to upgrade from iron sights to optics. Red dot sights give you a better sight picture and make aiming easier at shorter distances, while scopes help you with shooting at longer ranges. Which you decide to go with is determined by what and how far you want to shoot. For target shooting, you might want a red dot sight, while hunters may gravitate towards scopes.

Ear & Eye Protection
Before pulling the trigger, you will want ear and eye protection. Ear protection includes earplugs, such as the Howard Leight Quiet Band, and electronic earmuffs, such as the 3M Peltor Sport Tactical 100. Electronic earmuffs use microphones and cut out sound when a gunshot is detected.

Gun Case
You will need a gun case for transporting your rifle to and from the range. There are two types of cases you can get: Hard and soft. A soft case is usually a type of fabric, and useful for carrying your rifle around. However, because it isn’t a hard case, accidentally dropping a soft case could break any Bushnell scopes or red dot sights you might have attached to your rifle. A hard case, which includes padding, provides more protection at a higher cost.

Cleaning & Maintenance
Many rifles can go through quite a few rounds before needing cleaning, but all firearms do eventually need to be cleaned. You will need cleaning solvents and lube, as well as brushes or patches. Bore snakes are another popular option. You can either get individual pieces or a kit. Be sure to get a cleaning mat to protect surfaces while cleaning your firearm.

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