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Why is it Important to Clean Your Firearm Every Time?


by: Natchez Shooting Supplies

A quick clean – also called field cleaning – can be performed in just a few minutes. The objective is to remove any powder or metal fouling from the bore. This can be done virtually anywhere with little or no disassembly.

With every shot fired, traces of spent powder and metal from the bullet are deposited inside the barrel. Over time this residue will begin to affect your firearm’s accuracy.

During extended shooting sessions, it’s a good idea to stop occasionally to clear the bore of any buildup. Be sure to give your gun a more thorough “full cleaning” later at home.

A full cleaning involves clearing the bore of any fouling and removing residue and moisture that accumulates on the internal parts of the firearm. It’ll require some disassembly and is usually performed at home after your shooting session.

Each time a gun is fired, small amounts of powder and metal adhere to the barrel. Traces of carbon are also blown back into the action of the firearm. This residue combines with lubricants on working surfaces and forms a sludge that can affect your firearm’s function.

Full cleaning is called for at home after many rounds have been fired. Also, if the gun has been stored for a while it’s a good idea to give it a thorough cleaning to remove any moisture that could damage your firearm over time.

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