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Camping Knives

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Camping knives: 

Whether you are into camping, hiking, or trekking, a high-quality knife should have a permanent place in your backpack. Few other tools can be as helpful in the outdoors as a good old knife — one of humanity’s oldest and most significant inventions.  

In the wilderness, a camping knife can help you perform a variety of tasks, from cutting down tree branches to make a fire, to preparing food. Not to mention — self-defense, should you encounter a hostile wild animal.  

At Natchez Shooter Supplies, we offer a wide variety of camping knives and other edge tools that are ready to become your trusted companion during your next venture into the wild. Browse our selection of camping knives, available to you at the best prices, and find the right tool for your needs and budget.  

Camping knives FAQs 

  1. What are camping knives?  

There is no strict definition of a camping knife — some are fixed-blade, others are folding, and some are more multi-tools than knives. What unites them all is their robustness, affordability, and simplicity. The best knives for camping are those that are capable of performing the tasks that typically arise on a camping trip — preparing food, clearing branches or bushes to set up a tent, and so on.   

  1. How much do camping knives cost?  

Most camping knives are relatively simple and straightforward in terms of their construction and materials. As a result, they are quite affordable compared to other types of knives. Camping knives typically cost between $20 and $50 each. 

At Natchez Shooters Supplies, we offer an extensive selection of camping knives at the best prices! 

  1.  What are camping knife blades typically made of?  

Camping knife blades are typically made from high-chromium carbon steel (such as the D2 alloy) or stainless steel. As a result, camping knives are not only durable enough to withstand even the harshest tasks, but also able to resist corrosion.  

  1. Can I buy camping knives online legally?  

Yes, you can buy camping knives online, as these knives are considered tools rather than weapons by U.S. federal law.  

  1. What’s the difference between hunting knives and camping knives?  

There isn’t any strict distinction between a hunting knife and a camping knife — both types work very well in either scenario. However, while most camping knives are compact and light, hunting knives tend to be on the larger and heavier side.  

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