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Fixed Blade Knives

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Fixed blade knives: 

If you’re looking for a tough, reliable knife to take with you into the wild, a simple fixed-blade knife might be everything you need. Fixed-blade knifes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and blade designs, allowing you to pick just the right tool for your needs and budget.  

Venturing into the Great Outdoors to bring back some fresh game for your next barbecue? A good old hunting knife will be the right tool for the job.  

Planning a long hike or a camping trip? Consider investing in a multi-functional survival knife to have peace of mind about your safety and well-being while traversing the wilderness.  

With so many different kinds of fixed-blade knives available on the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. This is why at Natchez Shooters Supplies, we offer a curated selection of high-quality fixed-blade knives — chosen, tried, and tested by our experts. Explore our variety of fixed-blade knives and pick the right tool for your needs — at a great price! 

Fixed-blade knives FAQs:  


  1. Can I legally carry a fixed-blade knife every day?  

Knife ownership and carry laws vary from one state to another.  

In many states, you are not permitted to carry a fixed-blade knife in public, because the blades of most fixed-blade knives exceed 2.5 inches in length. You’re also not allowed to bring fixed-blade knives into public places, such as schools, libraries, and public offices.  

Be sure to consult your local state legislation to know precisely whether, where, and how you can carry a fixed-blade knife.  


  1. What are the benefits of a fixed-blade knife compared to folding knives? 

Fixed-blade and folding designs are the two primary categories of knives, each with their own benefits. Compared to folding knives, fixed-blade knives have the following benefits:  

  • A thicker and longer blade, which makes fixed-blade knives more effective for harsh tasks such as cutting down branches or dressing game  

  • More structural rigidity, especially in full-tang knives, which makes fixed-blade knives much harder to break  

  • Easier maintenance, since fixed-blade knives do not have any moving parts or mechanisms 


  1. What are fixed-blade knives usually made of?  

Just like other types of knives, fixed-blade knives are typically made of steel alloys. The three most common steel alloys used in fixed-blades knives are:  

  • Carbon steel: Cheap and easy to sharpen, but very prone to corrosion  

  • Tool steel: Tough and durable with decent corrosion resistance, but harder to sharpen 

  • Stainless steel: Extremely resistant to corrosion, but delicate 


  1. Can I buy fixed-blade knives online? 

Yes, you can legally buy fixed-blade knives online across the U.S. at Natchez Shooters Supplies. 


  1. How much do fixed-blade knives cost?  

Because there are many different fixed-blade knife styles and designs, the prices of fixed-blade knives can vary greatly. The simplest fixed-blade knives cost as little as $15. Meanwhile, the more sophisticated offerings made from exotic materials and high-grade steel can set you back north of $200. For the best prices, shop Natchez Shooters Supplies! 

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