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Survival Knives

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Survival knives: 

If you ever find yourself stranded in the wilderness, the one tool you should have, even if all your other equipment is lost, is a knife. No other tool is more useful and versatile in the wild.  

However, if your survival depends on it, not just any knife will do. In fact, there is a whole category of knives designed to serve as last-resort tools in the wild, known as survival knives.  

Originally created sometime in the early 20th century and famously issued to military pilots in WW2, survival knives are sturdy, reliable tools that are designed to perform a variety of tasks in the wilderness. Because of their versatility and reliability, survival knives are regularly used by hikers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts. 

At Natchez Shooters Supplies, we offer a wide variety of survival knives at the best prices. Explore our selection and find the right sharp-edged companion for your next venture into the outdoors! 


Survival knives FAQs: 

  1. What defines a survival knife? 

A survival knife is differentiated from other types of knives by certain design features that make it more functional in a survival scenario. These typically include: 

  • A serrated edge for sewing  

  • A wire-cutting device integrated into the blade 

  • A hollow handle for storing items such as matches or medicine  

  • Spine jimping for extra grip  

  • A flat handle pommel to allow the knife to be used as a hammer  


  1. How much do survival knives cost?  

Because of their heavy-duty construction and functionality, survival knives tend to be more expensive than other types of knifes. High-quality survival knives start at around $50 and can cost up to several hundred dollars. To get the best price on your survival knife, be sure to purchase it online from Natchez Shooters Supplies.  

  1. Can I buy survival knives online?  

Yes, you can buy survival knives online from Natchez Shooters Supplies with no restrictions.  

  1. What are survival knife blades made of?  

Survival knife blades are typically made from tough high-carbon steel, as it is durable and very easy to sharpen. The two most popular carbon steel alloys found in survival knives are D2 and 1095.  

  1. What does “full-tang knife” mean?  

The term “full tang” refers to knifes in which the blade and the handle are made from one solid piece of metal. Most survival knives are full-tang, as it provides the structural rigidity that is necessary for survival knife purposes. 

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