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Forster Co-Ax Case and Cartridge Inspector zoom
  • Forster Co-Ax Case and Cartridge Inspector
  • Forster Co-Ax Case and Cartridge Inspector

Forster Co-Ax Case and Cartridge Inspector (Pilots Sold Separately)

Product Number: FP010482

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Details & Specs

Accurate performance from your ammunition is absolutely dependent on uniformity of both the bullet and the case. Achieving that uniformity is not possible without an accurate, reliable measuring device.

Forster’s exclusive Co-Ax Case & Cartridge Inspector provides you with the ability to ensure uniformity by measuring three critical dimensions:

Measures “accuracy-critical” dimensions:

  • Neck wall thickness.
  • Case, bullet and cartridge runout (concentricity).


  • Uniquely supports case/cartridge to check both bullet and case alignment in relation to the centerline (long axis) of the case/cartridge.
  • Measurements are in increments of .001″.
  • Accommodates cartridges from 204 Ruger to 45-70.
  • Includes precision dial indicator, accurate to .001″.
  • Maximum overall case length that may be inspected is 3.50″.
  • Quality manufactured from precision-engineered automotive-type castings.
  • Uses the same Pilots as our Case Trimmers.
  • (Note: 17 cal. Pilot is not compatible with this tool.)