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Jagemann JAG-17 Magazine 9mm Luger Glock 17 Pink 18/rd

Jagemann JAG-17 Magazine 9mm Luger Glock 17 Pink 18/rd

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Jagemann is proud to be a privately-held U.S. manufacturer of polymer magazines and premium brass casings for rifles and pistols and apply over sixty years of expertise in the metal stamping industry towards the manufacturing of top-of-the-line casings. In striving for the highest of precision, Jagemann maintains complete quality control over the manufacturing process.

Features and Benefits :

  • Ease of Disassembly - Improved speed of cleaning while making the task easier
  • Extended Base Pad - Quicker and more responsive loading
  • Improved follower geometry and round staking - Eliminates jamming and short feeding
  • Optimized spring power - Dependable feeding without stalling slide
  • Polymer material - Doesn’t scratch/scrape on anodized and coated 43 frames
  • Reinforced automotive-grade engineered resin - Increased strength and stability
  • Revamped feed lip geometry - More time-efficient and reliable feeding
  • Self-lubrication - Consistent performance over time Tighter Tolerances Increased durability and improves magazine life
  • Usability - Easy to use and sized to operate right out of the box

FAQs :

  • Do the Jagemann magazines have a metal sleeve inside? - No they do not. They are polymer.
  • Will their magazines fit aftermarket magazine wells? - No they do not.
  • How do Jagemann magazines tolerate cleaning solvents? - Jagemann uses automotive grade polymers which hold up very well to solvents.
  • What is the Jagemann warranty? - Jagemann warranties their magazines for life against manufacturing defects.


Jagemann Sporting Group


Glock 17


9mm Luger

Magazine Capacity

18 rds


Pink Polymer