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LaserLyte Laser Quick Tyme Kit
LaserLyte Laser Quick Tyme Kit
LaserLyte Laser Quick Tyme Kit
LaserLyte Laser Quick Tyme Kit

LaserLyte Laser Quick Tyme Kit (TLB-LQD)

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LASERLYTE TLB-LQD trainer target Quick Tyme with 62 LEDs that light up Laser Trainer Pistol Full Size GLOCK 19 familiar size weight and feel RESETTING TRIGGER training with this system will make you better.

  • SHOT TIMER record your shooting time when you are practicing trigger control and sight alignment START the timer with a shot from a laser trainer coming from a pistol STOP the timer with another laser trainer shot practice right from the couch
  • FOR USE with LaserLyte laser trainer systems fire the red laser dot at the trainer target The shooting target will record every shot and display it with a red LED the LASER TRACER FIRE will display where the laser fired in the order they were shot
  • RESETTING 5.5 lb trigger with take up break and reset the TRIGGER is ready to pull every time and you do not have to work the slide INCREASES finger control on every shot the SIGHTS are aligned to practice good alignment DRY FIRE with a training gun
  • RED LASER DOT fires for 1/10 of second simulating bullet impact IMPROVE your target shooting skills or your accuracy group This will make you a better shot though practice a steady dot means great shot line is a streak bad technique
  • BRIGHTEST AND MOST POWERFUL laser LaserLyte is legally allowed to produce. The bright laser dot can be seen over 100 yards away at night. Power Output: 630 - 670nm, <5mW, Class: IIIa.