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Lyman Alox Bullet Lubricant zoom
  • Lyman Alox Bullet Lubricant
  • Lyman Alox Bullet Lubricant

Lyman Alox Bullet Lubricant

Product Number: LY2857277

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Details & Specs

Although there are many different types of lubricants used for reloading and casting, Lyman Alox Bullet Lubricant is high quality and backed by a solid company guarantee. This lubricant is sold in a hollow stick form and designed to work with the Lyman 4500 sizer/lubricator, with or without heating element, although it works best when heated.

However, this lubricant is also interchangeable with a few other sizer/lubricators that accept 1x4-inch tube sticks, including the RCBS Lube-a-Matic 2. The material is 50 percent alox and 50 percent beeswax with a melting point of 130 degrees Fahrenheit.