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Masterpiece Arms Remington Short Action RH Hydrid Chassis 2019 GNM

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Product Number: MQ39834


Masterpiece Arms




This is the Hybrid version of Masterpiece Arm's highly successful BA Chassis System.

The Hybrid is designed to give the shooter a variety of different applications in which his/her rifle can be used through the use of this specially designed Chassis. The Base chassis itself weighs in a just below 3.5 lbs. For the shooter who wants to use all the many benefits this design offers for a hunting application, it provides the reduced weight needed to all usage in a variety of different hunting scenarios. Whether your hunting white tail from your local tree stand or blind, or hiking deep into the back country, the weight of this chassis will not be a limiting factor.

For those who want to use this for F-Class (FTR) that has a weight restriction on the overall weight of the rifle assembly, this ultra precision shooter can put more weight other area’s of the rifle to provide them their desired accuracy performance without being hamstrung due to the weight of the stock.

The PRS Shooter can also utilize all the “game changing” technology we include in this chassis design that has propelled MPA as the most used rifle stock or chassis by the best shooters in the PRS. (PRS Gear Survey 2017). One incredible enhancement that can be added to this chassis design is the MPA Weight Tuning System. This gives the shooter the ability to take this 3.5 lb chassis and increase the weight up to 6.5 lbs, and/or altering the balance point of the rifle assembly.

Its truly a Hybrid Design.

Standard Features:

  • Machined from 6061 Aluminum
  • V-Bedding System
  • MPA Buttstock with Adjustable Cheek Riser and Length of Pull
  • EVG Pistol Grip
  • Bag Rider
  • Lower Picatinny Rail
  • Multiple QD Sling Swivel Locations
  • User Located Side Rails (option)
  • Durable Cerakote Finish in a Variety of Colors
  • Unique Pocketing System reduces weight and increases structural integrity of the chassis
  • Adjustable Length of Pull 13.50-14.75″ (Shorter or Longer LOP available upon request)
  • Recoil Pad is adjustable for Height and Cant
  • Lug Lock System (for 0.250-0.375 thick lugs)*
  • Built in leveling system (inclinometer)
  • Machined Thumb Notch
  • Our Chassis take any AICS type magazines (Mag not included). See related products for magazines for your chassis.
  • 3.5 lbs (without recoil pad and standard A2 Grip) There are a variety of recoil pads available. Contact MPA for details.
This unique chassis system provides a super precision platform for the Remington 700 Short action and clones. (and all deviants such as Curtis Custom, Stillers TAC, Surgeon 591, Mausingfield, Kelblys, Impact Precision, Big Horn and many others). New inlets are being added frequently.

The V-Bedding system is also configured to allow the ability to glass bed the action and straight section of the barrel if desired.

The chassis is machined on our CNC Horizontal Machining Centers to exacting tolerances from 6061 aluminum. The MPA produced Buttstock includes an adjustable length of pull, recoil pad with height and cant adjustment, adjustable cheek riser and Bag Rider.

Length of pull is between 13.5-14.75″ although this length can be modified by thinner or thicker recoil pads. Weight is 3.5 lbs.Coating is Ceramic (Cerakote). The upper Night Vision bridge can be added as an accessory and provides a seat for a picatinny rail. A matching rail is mounted to the bottom of the chassis – both giving the shooter plenty of rail space for a variety of enhancements.

The maximum barrel profile on our chassis, without modification to the barrel channel, is an M24 contour. If your barrel has a larger profile, please contact MPA to discuss. We can go up to a 1.250 straight profile, but need to know at the time of order.



Masterpiece Arms