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Hornady V-MAX Bullets .17 cal .172" 20 gr V-MAX 100/ct

Product Number: HO21710

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20 gr



Details & Specs
  • Polymer Tip : The polymer tip increases the ballistic coefficient and also initiates dramatic expansion upon impact – even at velocities as low as 1600 fps.
  • Higher Ballistic Coefficient : Hornady combines the sharp, pointed polymer tip with the most aerodynamic profile for a high ballistic coefficient. The V-MAX profile also provides the maximum bearing surface for added in-flight stability.
  • Swaged lead Core : The swaging process allows for precise formation of the core up and around the tip, with a cavity under the tip’s stem. This allows the tip to build up energy before smashing into the core, causing dramatic fragmentation of the core and jacket.
  • Precise Boattail & Flatbase Designs : Depending on the bullet, V-MAX offers a variety of boat tail and flat base designs, utilizing the proper base design to provide incredible in-flight stability for long-range shooting.

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Hornady V-MAX Bullets .17 cal .172" 20 gr V-MAX 100/ct zoom
  • Hornady VMAX Bullets .17 cal .172" 20 gr VMAX 100/ct
  • Hornady VMAX Bullets .17 cal .172" 20 gr VMAX 100/ct