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Primos Gobbler Vest - Mossy Oak Obsession

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A holster for your calls. The Gobbler® Vest is by no means another vest with lots of pockets and a cushion to sit on. It’s a custom designed call holster. We designed the Gobbler® Vest around all that we turkey hunters want with us in the field, our calls, gloves, mask, clippers, water bottle, shells, and a deep back pocket to carry out that gobbler.

The Gobbler® Vest organizes your calls by having specific places designed to hold certain styles of calls, so you will always know where they are when you need them. There is no fumbling through random pockets searching frantically for your calls when it’s crunch time.

The Gobbler® Vest utilizes a combination of mesh and TreeHide™ to bring you the most comfortable and functional turkey vest available. TreeHide™ is molded waterproof foam that takes on the appearance of a tree’s bark. TreeHide™ is waterproof and durable providing excellent protection for your gear. The TreeHide™ shoulder pads also reduce the felt recoil produced by heavy turkey loads. The mesh pockets on the inside of the vest allow you to see what is stored in them at a glance.

  • Clip buckle for detachable cushion
  • Quick-Grab pockets for gloves, masks or clippers
  • Closed cell foam pads reduced felt recoil




Mossy Oak Obsession