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TenPoint Pro Slider Crossbow Package with 3x Multi-Line Scope and ACUdraw - MossyOak Break-up

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Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies





Cocking Device

ACUdraw Integrated Retractable Crank Cocking System


Up to 305 fps

Foot Pounds of Energy

86.8 (long), 73.1 (med), 45.1 (short)

Power Stroke

12" (long), 10.625" (med), 6.5" (short)

Mass Weight

7.2 lbs

Draw Weight

175/150/125 lbs






3x Multi-Line Scope


Mossy Oak Break-Up®

Quiver Capacity


Arrow Length



Arrows (3), Cocking Device, Practice Points, Quiver, Scope

Details & Specs

The Tenpoint 6-Point Series Pro Slider crossbow is built for shooters of nearly any age, size, weight, sex or physical ability. This model features the Complete-Capture ultra-quiet limb pocket and bow assembly matched with a precision-machined riser designed to slide, locate, and lock in one of three shooting positions. The entire assembly locks in place between an innovative upper and lower extruded and machined aluminum UL TriLoc barrel assembly. The riser secures those components up front and an extruded and machined combo trigger/barrel receiver secures them at the back end.

Locked in the “short” position with a 125-pound draw weight and 6-inch power stroke, for example, a person of small stature can easily reach the string when cocking a Slider. The bow’s center of balance correspondingly shifts to a more manageable position closer to the body. The “short” Slider shoots a respectable 220 fps. In contrast, locked in the “long” position with a 12-inch power stroke, the Pro Slider converts to a high performance 175-pound power plant that drives tacks at speeds in excess of 305 feet per second. Velocity settings: 305 fps (long), 280 fps (med), 220 fps (short)

The fore-grip locates in either of two positions and is safety-engineered to keep the hunter’s hand properly positioned while shooting the bow. The Pro Slider’s metal parts are anodized in a rich bronze finish. This version features TenPoint’s RollerTouch trigger and high-performance HL limbs.

  • ACUdraw retractable crank rope cocking system
  • Accepts the popular SteddyEddy Monopod System.
  • 3x Multi-Line Scope
  • 7/8-inch Fixed Dovetail Scope Mount
  • MossyOak NEW Break-Up detachable 2/3 Arrow Quiver
  • 3-pack of 20-inch Pro Elite Carbon arrows
  • Three 100-grain practice points
  • TenPoint Staff Shooter Field Cap
  • Owner’s instructional DVD with exciting over-the-shoulder hunts