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Thompson Center Cheap Shot Sabots with Mag Express Sabots .50 cal 240 gr HP 20/ct

Product Number: TC8296

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Thompson Center

Bullet Type





240 gr

Details & Specs

T/C Cheap Shot Sabots offer the hunter a more economical alternative to the jacketed bullets that are available. The all-lead 240 grain hollow point bullet provides the shooter with the same basic ballistics and trajectory. A muzzleloader sighted in with 240 grain jacketed bullets will be “right on” with T/Cʼs Cheap Shot Sabots. Point of impact will be the same. These sabots are ideal for the hunter who does a lot of preseason practice, or the hunter who prefers an all lead projectile (or is required by law to use one). The deep hollow point cavity provides maximum expansion and down range energy - at only a fraction of the cost.