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Redding Series A Neck Expander Die for Straight Wall Cases .38 Special/.357 Mag

Product Number: RB93184

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.38 Special/.357 Mag

Details & Specs

The Redding Neck Expander Die offers a competitive price, exceptional steel quality, and a company lifetime guarantee. This particular die is designed for reloading bottleneck cases, helping prolong the life of the brass while enhancing accuracy and performance.

For this expander die, only the neck is sized, opposed to the body and shoulder. Because of this, at no time should you interchange fired cases between rifles of the same caliber. The die is made in the United States, is sold with a plastic storage case, and comes with a solid company guarantee.

Redding Neck Expander Die .38 Special/.357 Mag

  • Redding Neck Expander Die .38 Special/.357 Mag