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RCBS 3 Die Roll Crimp Set .40-70 Sharps zoom
  • RCBS 3 Die Roll Crimp Set .40-70 Sharps
  • RCBS 3 Die Roll Crimp Set .40-70 Sharps

RCBS 3 Die Roll Crimp Set - Legacy .40-70 Sharps Straight

Product Number: RC19204

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.40-70 Sharps

Details & Specs

With new calibers and rifles introduced every year, it is a wonder that black powder cartridges are still around! The Legacy series of dies supports these legendary metallic black powder cartridges and the enthusiasts that are shooting original or reproduction black powder rifles.

The 3-Die Roll Crimp Set is for loading straight-wall cartridges. Its steel Sizer Die sizes the case and de-primes. Note: Cases must be lubricated. The Expander Die expands the case to the proper diameter to accept the bullet, and it imparts case mouth flare/bell for bullet feeding. The Seater Die seats the bullet and roll crimps.