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Redding Series A Taper Crimp Die for Straight Wall Cases .38 Spl /.357 Mag

Product Number: RB85282

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.38 spl/.357 Mag

Details & Specs

The Redding Taper Crimp Die Set is designed for cartridges used in handguns with headspace on the case mouth and where more conventional roll crimping is not preferred. For people who do reloading and want a taper crimp and more uniformity, the set is also available for certain revolver cartridges.

With a taper crimp, the process is gentler and tighter, which in turn holds the bullet more firmly in place. However, the overall length of the cartridge is not compromised. Constructed from steel, this set is made to last.

Redding Taper Crimp Die Set .38 Specail/.357 Mag

  • Redding Taper Crimp Die Set .38 Specail/.357 Mag