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TenPoint Slider Crossbow Package with Peep and Pin Sight System and ACUdraw - Mossy Oak Break-Up

Product Number: TPC060703002

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Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies





Cocking Device

ACUdraw Integrated Retractable Crank Cocking System


290 fps (long), 265 fps (med), 189 fps (short)

Foot Pounds of Energy

78.5 (long), 65.5 (med), 33.3 (short)

Power Stroke

12" (long), 10.625" (med), 6.5" (short)

Mass Weight

7.2 lbs

Draw Weight

165 /150/125 lbs






Mossy Oak Break-Up®

Quiver Capacity


Arrow Length



Arrows (3), Cocking Device, Quiver, Sight

Details & Specs

Revolutionary in concept, the Tenpoint Slider is adaptable to virtually any shooter, regardless of age, sex, stature, or physical ability. It features TenPoint’s Complete-Capture ultra-quiet limb pocket and bow assembly matched with a precision machined riser designed to slide, locate, and lock in one of three shooting positions located between an innovative upper and lower extruded and machined aluminum UL TriLoc barrel assembly. The riser secures the barrel components up front and an extruded and machined trigger/barrel receiver secures them at the back end.

Affordable, lightweight and quiet the Tenpoint Slider features TenPoint’s RollerTouch trigger and a great looking stock, molded to accept either of TenPoint’s highly regarded cocking mechanism: The ACUdraw. The stock’s safety-engineered independent fore-grip also locates in one of two shooting positions to suit each hunter’s preference. Both models also accept the SteddyEddy Monopod System. The Slider comes equipped with a peep and one-pin sighting system. A 7/8-inch Dovetail Scope Mount and scope are optional.

  • 5 lb. RollerTouch trigger features a double-roller system which reduces friction and significantly lightens trigger pull.
  • Dupont Zytel trigger box top. Made from a versatile polymer engineered for flexibility, dimensional stability under heavy loads, extreme temperatures and humidity
  • Patented DFI (dry-fire-inhibitor). Prevents dry-firing the crossbow when no arrow is loaded on the flight deck.
  • Ambidextrous Automatic Safety.
  • Complete-Capture limb pocket isolation system. Each limb is fitted inside a glove-like polymer cushion captured inside a machined aluminum pocket, which is then bolted to the riser, producing superior stability and noise dampening.
  • TL-4 quad limbs with steel cables and tuneable synthetic yokes. A simple yet highly effective, durable design, perfect for our 165-pound draw weight models.
  • CADD designed and finite element analysis-tested, precision-machined riser. Precision engineering for precision shooting
  • UL TriLoc machined aluminum barrel assembly. An innovative upper and lower extruded and machined aluminum barrel design between which the Slider's riser locates and locks in one of three separate shooting positions.
  • Verton two-piece stock. While the butt-stock supports the trigger and barrel receiver, the fore-grip locates in either of two shooting positions and is safety-engineered to keep the hunter’s hand properly positioned while shooting the bow.
  • Includes Fixed sight bridge with peep and pin sight system. Scope compatible. Optional 7/8" Fixed Dovetail Scope Mount (HCA-078.)
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