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Techna Clip Conceal Carry Gun Belt Clip - Fits Springfield XD(M) & XD-Mod.2 Right Hand Black Finish

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Techna Clip

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The Techna Clip comes with a fully machined replacement slide cover plate that is drilled and tapped ready for attaching the Techna Clip to the XD. The replacement cover plate can be left in place indefinitely, with or without the Techna clip attached. Extra screws and washers are included. The high quality Teflon coating prevents abrasion to the gun by providing a thin but highly durable cushion between the Techna Clip and the slide. The Techna Clip comes in (black) and fits all MOD.2 & XDM .9MM .40 .45 models. This model will not fit the XDS or XD models. See our other listings for those models. INSTRUCTIONS: To install, following the instruction in your Springfield Armory Owner’s Manual for remove the slide from the frame of the gun, then separate the barrel and recoil spring assembly from the slide. Then following the instructions provided with your Techna Clip, remove the slide cover plate located on the rear of the slide. Install the drilled and tapped slide cover plate provided with your Techna Clip. Mount the Techna Clip on the (right side) of the slide with the screws and allen key provided.

  • Why buy a Techna Clip? Our Concealment System helps you eliminate the bulk and Printing of your daily conceal-carry device.
  • Techna Clip is a Minimalist Holster solution for those who Conceal Carry.
  • Included: (Black) Milled Billet back plate, High Carbon Spring Steel belt clip, plated with Teflon Stone Coat 5100, Screws and locking Washers.
  • Quick 5 minute install with NO modification required. Installs on the (right side) of the gun.
  • Fits all MOD.2 & XDM .9MM .40 .45 models. Not compatible with XD & XDS models.
  • Features: a wide durable clip to keep your gun in place. Serrations along the clip that aid in gripping the clip when pulling the slide back.
  • Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty!


Techna Clip




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