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Ten Point ACUDraw 50 Cocking Mechanism
TenPoint ACUdraw 50 Cocking Mechanism

TenPoint ACUdraw 50 Cocking Mechanism

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Your dealer – or you if you have the proper tools – can install this patented cocking device. Includes a template for drilling the receiver holes in pre-2003 TenPoint models (drill, bits, and hole cutter not included). Receiver holes are pre-molded in current models. Includes installation instructions.

For years many crossbow shooters have used the conventional but cumbersome rope-cocker to load their crossbows, reducing the draw weight by half. TenPoint has taken this leveraged rope-cocking concept to an easy-to-use level. Integrated into the butt stock, the ACUdraw 50 ropes retract neatly inside the unit’s housing after cocking. No storing the rope, untangling it, or putting it away after use. The contoured ACUdraw 50 covers fit the stock better and are less bulky. The lightweight covers also improve the alignment of the mechanism’s hooks and handles in the housing for improved security when not in use.

  • Draws the bow accurately every time
  • No more need to hang a rope around your neck or to stash it in your fanny pack
  • When not in use, powerful mini-magnets hold the handles securely and silently in place
  • (Each ACUdraw 50 handle is marked: WARNING: Contains a powerfulNeodymium magnet that may interfere with the safe operation of pacemakers or other medical implants.)
  • Available as an accessory or pre-installed


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